#FreedomDay: A Musicial Reparations Mixtape By: The Talented Tenth of Mr. Talley

by quentin talley

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This solo project by Quentin Talley is an operatic-like movement, a fusion of the souls of black folk, hip hop, with a touch of Broadway and a dash of the blues. A 60 min. ish mixtape dedicated to the continued struggle. And we all know what struggle is. It’s a subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) sociopolitical album about freedom and what that term really means, especially when you’re black in America. On a societal level, the struggle to “just be”, on a personal level, the struggle for individuality and on a spiritual level, the struggle to “find our way”. Cultural viewpoint is a backdrop to the bigger picture, yet an important detail in the story. Though at the end of the day, Freedom should be as universal as being human is.


released September 2, 2014

1. Red Summer -
Lyrics by: Quentin Talley
Vocals by: Quentin Talley
Track: Over (instrumental) by PortisHead

2. Native's Blood
Lyrics by: Quentin Talley
Vocals by: Quentin Talley
Track: Native's Blood by The Dirty Art Club

3. Summertime -
Lyrics by: DuBose Heyward & Ira Gershwin
Vocals by: Quentin Talley
Track: $200 TB by Thundercat

4. #FreedomDay -
Lyrics by: Oscar Brown Jr.
Vocals by: Quentin Talley
Track: Air Signs (instrumental) by J Dilla

5. Ya got ta Move -
Lyrics by: Quentin Talley
Vocals by: Quentin Talley
Track: King Heroin (Instrumental) by James Brown

6. Down In New Orleans
lyrics by: Quentin Talley
vocals by: Quentin Talley
composed by: Stephen Gordon

7. You Don't Really Wanna -
Lyrics by: Quentin Talley
Vocals: Quentin Talley & Blk Swan
Track produced by: Blk Swan

8. I Told You So -
Lyrics by: Will P & Quentin Talley
Vocals by: Will P & Quentin Talley

9. Make A Mistake -
Lyrics by: Fiona Apple
Vocals by: Quentin Talley

10. Crazy -
Lyrics by: Cee Lo Green
Vocals by: Quentin Talley
Track: Survivalism (instrumental) by Nine Inch Nails

11. Hey, Raspberry Beret, Im A Star -
Lyrics by: Prince
Vocals by: Quentin Talley
Track: Game Over by Mindelixir

12. Don't Smoke In Bed -
Written by: Willard Robison & Quentin Talley
Vocals by: Quentin Talley
Track: The Roots

13. Nothing Left To Lose -
Written by: Quentin Talley, Jonathan Brown, C. Free
Vocals by: Quentin Talley, Jonathan Brown, C. Free
Track by: DJ Tandem

14. The Margin -
written by: Quentin Talley
Vocals by: Quentin Talley
Track: Extraterrestrial (instrumental) Outkast

15. Bobby Mac -
Track produced by: Diarra Mayfield



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Quentin Talley Charlotte, North Carolina

Quentin Talley, acclaimed for multiple talents, is an accomplished actor, director, poet, and producer. An Artist & A Gentleman.

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Track Name: You Dont Really Wanna feat. Blk Swan
You dont really wanna fuck with me
Q & Swan All Over The beat
It ain't complicated, its elementary
my dear watson can you feel the heat?

Call me Jack the Ripper cause my style will cut yo throat,
Call me crack cause you know this shit is dope
we be sicker that shit you heard before
I know you wanna hear this on the radio

its easy as abc 123
ill take you down to Sesame Street
and school yo ass on this beat
come on baby dont fuck with me
Track Name: The Margin
I live outside of the margins
Between bus stops
Loitering on public property
Nevering living up to
My expectations since I'm always
Harder on ourselves than public
Always trying to get a leg up,
but the systems switches gears swiftly
like negros turn code from business legalities
to hood like tendencies in an instant
I'm loud and obnoxious
At all times to you
But I hear rhythms
We are call and response
The drum
A tool used To get the movement started
In no particular order,
Long as you grooving.
-We be mixing voices in harmony with out effort
Cause the soul knows
The heart keeps the down beat in 4/4 rhythm
2 stepping since forever ago
Trying to get over the hump
In the spirit of umoja
Cause Jim Crow and apartheid ain't to far removed from each other in culture
connecting our hip bone digging into the earth near cape town
while siminteously twerking in the dirty south
for we always remember the blood line and most time we forgive,
so never shalt thee forget
for that kind of talk be blasphemy
My black isn't new,
it's everlasting

we have to be
We must be strong
try and stay civil
though the devil is busy
and We humans are imperfect
Over then under react or vice versa
Trying to do inspite of spite
For evil lives
So shine the light into the darkness
The struggle continues
And if you listen closely
The souls of black folk are still under attack
agenda disguised as diversity
We can be pro everything else but soon
As we congregate in unity we are loitering
inciting a problem
Well let's solve for x
should we cast buckets where we at
or wait for the talented tenth to have our back

It was written somewhere like that
There is no wall
between us black
In fact we share the same mirror
hold it to your face
and you’ll find an image of freedom
now the stars are yours
all you have to do is reach for em